2020 Visual Gratitude Journal

This year, I have decided to forego my 20 for 2020 list and continue work on the goals I posted last year.  My reasoning behind this decision will be written in a forthcoming blog post.  For now, I would like to post my 2020 Visual Gratitude Journal.


1/366 Today, I am grateful for my tribe at Prime Fitness (and Dean’s chocolate pie).


2/366 Today, I am grateful for my commute. It affords me the opportunity to learn on the go.


3/366 Today I am grateful for a great book to read at the end of the day.


4/366 Today I am grateful that I choose to challenge my mind and my body.


5/366 Today I am grateful for my local independent bookstore!


6/366 Today I’m grateful for time to write.


7/366 Today I am grateful for MoCo Snow and his consistently accurate weather predictions!


8/366 Today I am grateful for a two hour delay. It provided me with just enough time to read a professional article and chapter.


9/366 Today I am grateful for our school Serenity Suite (aka Teacher Time-out). I listened to sounds of the ocean, which always helps center me.


10/366 Today I’m grateful for my family. I go to a lot of concerts in a year. A lot. But instead of giving me a guilt trip, they send me on my way with love.


11/366 Today I’m grateful for time with my girl. We enjoyed a little girl time shopping together this afternoon.


12/366 Today I’m grateful for Harris Teeter’s Express Lane. I save time, money and I don’t buy anything more than we need.


13/366 Today I’m grateful for Audible. I’ve “read with my ears” a number of fantastic books since first downloading it.


14/366 Today I’m grateful for an old school “chatroom-like” conversation with an old friend. We dreamed and planned.


15/366 Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to write a column for Learning magazine.


19/366 Today I’m grateful for a relaxing day at The Spa at Hotel Hershey with my mom and Chloe.


20/366 Today I’m grateful for time to read and drink my coffee.