The Storyteller’s Project/Proyecto del Cuentista Lesson #4

I realize it has been awhile since I have written a post, let alone shared another lesson in The Storyteller’s Project.  Rest assured that we have been working on this project throughout the year and I had the opportunity to share with educators from around the state of Maryland at SoMIRAC two weeks ago.

In the fourth lesson, we explored our given names and what they meant to each individual.  As always, we reviewed the mentor texts (The Matchbox Diary, My Name is Jorge: On Both Sides of the River, and Six Words Fresh Off the Boat: Stories of Immigration, Identity, and Coming to America) we had previously used and the theme of collections first.  We also reviewed the meaning of “memoir.”

Then, I read aloud the vignette, “Name” from The House on Mango Street.  After a brief reflection on how the narrator felt about her name, students wrote their own reflections on what their names meant to them.  I then gave every 5th grader their own copy of The House on Mango Street. This was one of three books that I was able to purchase for our students through the grant I received.  I used the grant money to purchase books through First Book.  I’m thankful that through the SoMIRAC grant and First Book, I have been able to give our students three books of their own!

Student reflection on her name
Students show off their new book, The House on Mango Street










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