Slow Down! Slooowww Down!

“Slow Down! Slooowww Down! Re-enter the pit slowly and come to a complete stop.”

We are just returning from our annual week at the beach.  While there, we took the kids to drive go-carts and when it was time to return to the pits, we heard the above automated statement repeatedly.  So much so that the kids are still repeating it days later.

Now that the statement is ingrained in my memory, I thought it was an appropriate metaphor for life.  Previously, I have written about the fact that my kiddos are moving on to middle school and high school in a couple of weeks.  I’m all too familiar with time passing very quickly.  And while I am always excited and hopeful about the possibilities the future holds for the kids, I’m also very cognizant of the fact that time is not slowing down.  And our society as a whole is on the fast track.  We are always trying to get to that next best thing. . .faster.

So, today, I’m challenging myself and you, to take a moment to slow down.  In whatever way that means to you.


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